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Hey guys look it's me Saphirre yup that's right I'm the big lollipop! you can be part of my family (the little smarties) if you write your name in the comments! OH NO HE IS COMING TO GET ME AHHH! *Older brother walks in Brother : oh hey Saphirre Me : h. ..hi... Brother : I brought mah friend over to come and play with you! Me : Oh no is it the McDonald's kid.....Anyone but the McDonald's kid Brother : Yup he has only come to play he won't eat another member of your family again! Me : DONT LEAVE PLEASE STAY HE WILL TRY TO EAT MAH FAM Brother : Nah don't worry mum is just in the other room if he does then scream your heart out! Me : Ok! *Brother leaves the house* *Mcdonald kid ( mcd kid ) Walks in and shuts the door while horror movie music plays* mcd kid : Yummy Yummy....Muhahahaha Me : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MUMMMY SAVE ME! mcd kid : hehehe *while I scream loudly with mah FAM the mcd kid grabs some Nutella and eats that* me & mah fam : oh so he wanted to eat the nuttela *mum opens the door and carries me and mah fam to my room and locks us in there just in case* *sigh* ok now we r safe! *Little Bro unlocks the door and barges in* mah fam : NUUUUUU and it repeats but the fam don't get eaten! The end!

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