FNAF Song (Noteblocks)

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a very popular horror game which has gained a lot of attraction for the songs included in the games. For example, the original song on YouTube which this redstone map is based on have more than 60 million views on YouTube. Anyways, in this map you will be able to play the same song and listen to it in-game. It uses redstone and noteblocks to do this. The pace is a little bit slower than the original tune but it’s still a really well made map. WELL I MADE THIS MAP BECAUSE SOMEMONE SAID ME TO MAKE A FNAF MAP. SO, I SEARCHED ABOUT THAT AS I AM NOT A FNAF PERSON I GOT TO KNOW ABOUT IT TODAY, I SEARCHED ABOUT FNAF AND I FOUND A SONG, THE FNAF SONG!! SO I DECIDED TO MAKE A MAP AND POST IT ON UTK.IO... HOPE YOU ENJOY <3 PLEASE SHARE THIS MAP, AND TELL WHAT SHOULD I MAKE NEXT? A VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO TRUTRIZ STAY TUNEDD AS I AM GOING TO POST FNAF MAP SOON.

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