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EPIC WORLD TEST HAS MANY LEVELS THE BLOCK HOLE RAINBOW IS A HARD LEVEL U GOING TO USE ELYTRA TO ESCAPE WITH FIREWORKS IN THE BLOCK HOLE RAINBOW NEXT LEVEL IS THE H-PLANET.H-PLANET NEED SUN BUT THE BIG CLOCK IS NOT WORKING TO GOING TO SAVE H-PLANET AND THE PART TWO IS U GOING TO REPAIR THE BIG CLOCK NEXT LEVEL SOON THE GO DOWN TOWER ( COMMAND LEVITATION) NEXT MINETEM VS ZOMBIE(COMMAND BATTLE) test your skills in minecraft make your self enjoy and challenge about this world i made this for u guys i hope u like it next world comming EPIC WORLD TEST FULL season9 s1 herotor world s2 rare world s3 100 rooms of herotor s4 impossible world s5 extreme world s6 expert player only s7 dream escape full s7 dream escape command world s8 escape in adventure land s9 EPIC WORLD TEST add me on facebook herotor bonifacio 😁😁😁

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