Parkour Islands v0.1.4.1 (Halloween)

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What is Parkour Islands? Parkour Islands is a Minecraft parkour map made by Examinedcat669! What is parkour and how to play? Parkour is a Minecraft minigame played by jumping from block to block. But... There is more to it, as some jumps require strategy and planning. Some blocks or their placement can affect how you must jump. Levels available in Parkour Islands v0.1.4: -Tutorial -Level 1: Dirtland -Level 2: Stood -Level 3: Slime Mania -Level 4: Redstonia -Level 5: The End? -Level 6: Into The Nether -Level 7: Rainbow -(New) Level 8: MADNESS Whats new in v0.1.4.1? -Added Halloween decorations everywhere. -Tweaks to the Tutorial. -Tweaks to signs. Remember to... -Follow me on Twitter: @Examinedcat669 -Friend me on Xbox live: Examinedcat669 -Friend me on Discord: Examinedcat669 #7252 -Report any bugs or give me your feedback by tweeting to me over on Twitter, messaging me on Xbox or Discord. Future updates: v0.1.5: Level 9 plus additions, changes and tweaks. v0.1.6: Level 10 plus additions, changes and tweaks. v0.1.7: Final additions plus changes and changes to prepare for full release! v0.1.8: Will only release if I need to fix a bug or add something that I did not previously add, this update is not likely to come out, but it may come out. v1.0: Full release! Stay tuned for more updates to come!

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