Five Night's at Freddy's (v.1.4)

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This may or may not be the final version that I make of this Custom map. But either way, if you enjoy this map, leave a comment saying if you liked it, why you liked it, what was your favorite thing about it, and if you want me to continue making updates for this map. Thank you! PLEASE NOTE: You MUST download and use the Texture pack I made specifically for my FNAF maps, if you don't then the whole map is gonna look really strange. You can toggle command blocks to reduce a bit of lag, and if you wish to be the "Night Guard," you MUST rename your player to "X" in order to use the Camera's. But if you don't want to, you can use your own name, but just turn the command blocks off anyways for the sake of lag. also don't worry about turning off the command blocks, they don't affect the redstone behind the build, they are just for "Accessories" such as armor stands facing you where ever you go, cameras, SFX, muting certain SFX like ticking in the office and intermissions. What's new: New main menu, along with a Night guard intro!

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