Tents add-on

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This addon for Minecraft will add to the game tents, lamp, bonfire and more for travel! You will like this mod, because with it you can make your journey more atmospheric in Minecraft and more enjoyable to play with friends. Tents as I mentioned-this mod adds tents. You will have 6 options and to change their color-hold the wool with the color you want. Log HEU, you just imagine sitting with friends on it in front of a bonfire and tell each other stories, while other friends defend the territory against Zombies! By the way, it is possible to make a log from any wood from what will make from such a log and would be. And also on a log can sit two people simultaneously. The bonfire I had such a bonfire had never seen in Minecraft! You can use it to fry your own food. The food will be fried 5-10 seconds and the frying has 4 stages: Raw > Mid-crude > Cooked > Burnt to build a bonfire just-click on it with a stick and it will be built into a bonfire. To pick up the food...

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