Jurassic addon by gona

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Note: this is not my addon! it's owner's name is gona, download the texture (https://UTK.io/texturepacks/1914757561/Jurassic-addon-texture-by-gona) or it will not work. This is not a mod, this addon replaces mob behavior and their textures. This addon includes dinosaurs like the velociraptors of jurassic world, or if you prefer, the classic one of jurassic park! Name the raptors as their movie names to get their skin, name a raptor tiger for the jurassic park one. You can tame them when they are babys, as t-rex and other dinosaurs. Summon an indominus rex or put some indoraptor DNA in a raptor, to get indoraptor! There's caras and a lot more things! enjoy P.S: I recommend you to combine it with my jurassic texture, it will have some bugs when combinated. tell me if it doesn't work, i will try to fix it. Enjoy :)

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