Huge Ravine

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Seed Name: Huge Ravine Spawn Seed Founder:Jujustyle7, Twitter Account ⚠Disclaimer: I do not own the seed.The original uploaded seed is from: Follow me!!!??? ?Twitter: @faithenricklm ?Instagram: @faithenricklm ❤Youtube: Henrick Mar ? ?Facebook: ?Faith Henrick Llanes Maraggun ?Mag Llanes Other Information: Here’s a really cool seed which spawns you at the very bottom of a ravine in some burning lava. Make sure to quickly swim for the water or else you’ll end up dying quite quickly. This is a huge ravine with lots of visible ores and rare stone blocks. You can use the waterfalls to reach the ground level. The spawn is literally in the lava. That’s why the seed is best suited for creative mode. If you decide to use it for survival mode then make sure to quickly swim towards to water. The ravine is huge and is located in three different biomes (cold taiga, oak forest and plains). Just a little further away from the ravine you will find a small village In the village there are a couple of houses, farms and a blacksmith. The blacksmith contains the following items and blocks(May Vary): 2 Gold Ingots 10 Obsidian Blocks 3 Iron Ingots 6 Oak Saplings 1 Iron Leggings 1 Apple

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