Desert Goodies

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Seed Name:Desert Goodies Seed Founder:faithenricklm (MAG) Updated: June 9, 2018 Follow me!!!??? ?Twitter: @faithenricklm ?Instagram: @faithenricklm ❤Youtube: Henrick Mar ? ?Facebook: ?Faith Henrick Llanes Maraggun ?Mag Llanes Other Information: This seed spawns you right onto a jungle with a long river. For the buried desert temple you need to go to: 218, 69, -476 Behind it is a weird wing like structure which some parts are actually floating. To get a good view...teleport to: 243, 81, -450 Walking northeast from the front of the temple is a village: 103, 70, -462 This village has a blacksmith, and church on the river. Walking some blocks is another village with tall houses above:229, 67, -315

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