AshCraft PE

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AshCraft is a survival based server, but you can also: -=- Create amazing builds in our flat world! -=- Chat with other players and staff! -=- Play minigames with your friends! -=- Test your parkour skills or even create your own for others to try! -=- Roleplay in our city! -=<>=- AshCraft is currently under construction, but you can come and play! -=<>=- Our staff is very nice, so don't be afraid to chat and play with them! -=<>=- •How to Donate• Install the Leet Donations app, select the amount of credits you want to donate, input all the information necessary, finish the transaction and you're done! -=<>=- •Rewards• 300 Credits - Creative (permanent) or a Custom Rank (includes commands) 4000 Credits - Mod (commands given, no OP) 10,000 Credits - Admin (commands given, OP) -=<>=- For more information regarding our server, visit our website,, or type 'AshCraft PE' on your search engine and click the first link that shows up. It should bring you to the AshCraft PE Minecraft Server, where you can also vote! (The top voter of the month will receive a VIP rank and also commands!)

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