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---------------------------------------------------------- This is a bedwars pack . But you can use it perfectly somewhere else , too! ------------------------------------------------------- Dies ist ein Mixpack aus vielen verschiedenen Packs. In diesem pack gibt es auch unter anderem die ByQuadrix Blöcke mit animation und es sind auch Texturen aus dem Nebelniek Pack dabei und vieles mehr. Schreibt mir eure Verbesserungsvorschläge und ich versuch gefailte Sachen zu fixen.Jetzt viel Spaß beim zocken. English: Hello! This is a mixpack of many different texturepacks.Some blocks have an animation,too. How can the pack get better ? Write me your ideas. Now have fun with this pack,bye :D ---------------------------------------------------------- This pack is uploaded on 25 November.Right now where the pack is uploaded you're not able to play with this pack on,becausethey've problems with their software right now. -------------------------------------------------------- Cool servers to play on : -------------------------------------------------------- Don't wonder if the pack has got no pack icon . %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Nice players: Eldisan,cqlled_Pixelz %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Discord server : ---a lof of item frames lag-----

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