Legacy Pack [BETA] Rescource Pack

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[What are some of the new features?] • A new layout for the start screen. Most things except for the buttons appear to have been changed. • The world creation screen is completely redesigned. • The UI screenwhich is the closest as to how it looks on Java Edition. • New and awesome design for the inventory. • Also the Pause screen has been modified to look more like it does on Java. [All Features] "There are lots of other modifications included in this resource pack." -= Here’s a list of all things which have been modified. =- •[*.General*.] • Water now looks more like Java Edition*. • Removed mip map levels to make it feel more like Java*. • Tweeked Sugar cane texture*. • Added Boat sounds (paddle land and paddle water)*. •Changed Rain sounds*. • Added Squid Sounds (ambient.in.water, hurt.in.water and death.in.water)*. • Added mob.slime.attack sound*. • Added mob.magmacube.jump sound*. • Tweaked Cauldron, Chests, Doors sounds*. • User Interface*. • New Inventory UI (creative, survival, crafting)*. • New Start, Pause*. • New Chat Screen*. • New HUD*. • New Progress Screen*. • New Settings Sections*. • New World Settings Sections*. • New World Create Sections*. • New World Edit Sections* • New Toast Screen*. (This is not owned by me, and it is a BETA version.) - Please don't hate it. Supported for v1.2+

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