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нёllо!゜・。゚。・゜・・ And welcome to my account (Well if ur new lol) I'm Azmiro *not my name irl* but you can call me Az for short. I'm single af My rules: Don't re-upload my skins! Ask for permission and give full credit to me. Don't start begging for requests for skins! I only take them on weekends Hate=Automatic block You respect me, I respect you. Don't EVER Post my stuff on other websites. My skins are 100% Made by me unless If I say that it isn't. I Mainly upload skins and blogs, Don't expect a texture pack, map, or a server to be uploaded on this account. -What I like- Anime Old Nickelodeon shows My friends Ramen noodles ,_, Wolves, or foxes -What I hate- Pink School Dirty jokes (I do sometimes make some myself but they're just plumb straight out disgusting) My youtube: To the shitty-ass-haters My gun Your head Click boom, Your dead. Buh Baiii!

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