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нёllо!゜・。゚。・゜・・ I'm Azmirø. A Starbucks Anime Freak, But you can call me Az for short.. A Few facts about me: -I'm pretty much a Pastel Tomboy -I Might not come up with good roasts, But good enough to be considered savage. ._. -I Swear quite a bit.. -I ♡ All of my 2k Followers What I like: -Melanie Martinez -TØP I-/ -Fallout Boy -Dank af memes -Danny Phantom -American horror story -Creepypastas -Criminal minds -Aj (Animal jam) -To roleplay What I DESPISE: -Haters -r00d pe0ple -False grammar is NOT Kawaii -Getting skins stolen -Pink (Depending on how much there is and how much is used) To the shit I HATE: My gun your head "CLICK! BOOM!" Ur ded. c: *I only accept requests on weekends* Buh Bai! (°•I'm off to a galaxy far, far away ._.•°)

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