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Name:Frem Fredric Baring Patalinghug Age:14 Location:Nobody Knows😮 Hobbies: Sketching📝,Minecraft and coding💻, watching some anime episodes Music Stuff🎶: Orchestral Music, Christian Rock, Minecraft OST and Some Dubsteps annnndd.... nothing much really 😐 Oh yeah, I'm homeschooled with mah siblings. Check out my brother's account! : @timergaming2 And check out my team's account!! : @TheBlueFlameTeam ____________________________ subscribe to The BlueFlame Team on YouTube and find me there! channel link:👇 https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQCkkFh25ydxZwCqpBhJJlg Find me from these apps too!(some has no official links tho, so you'll have to find me by yourself): Facebook/Messenger Discord tag: Eldeston#3590 Amino: Eldeston Twitch: Eldeston Xbox Live: Eldeston14

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