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hello! here's something about me: I play the old versions of Minecraft from 0.14.3 to 1.0.7 I have a brother (timergamingbft)check out his account, Name:Frem I'm 13 years old My birthday is in July 11,2004 I founded the BlueFlame team and I am the leader I'm a math freak(or nerd) I'm also a quick learner I'm part of a Christian family I'm a Filipino who talks in two languages Bisaya and English also want to explore space🚀 I'm also studying science ,space and coding I listen to Christian songs,orchestra music and meaningful songs and music I'm also there to help people in hard times or in a bad situation P.S. MAPS THAT ARE SIGNED WITH CREDIT IS NOT MINES THE REST IS CREATED BY ME GENUINELY. ____________________________ subscribe to the BLUEFLAME TEAM on YouTube and follow me here!channel link: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQCkkFh25ydxZwCqpBhJJlg or find me from these three!: WhatsApp Facebook/Messenger Fremfredric@gmail.com

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