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Yo what up my name is ModdedCreeper15. Welcome to my humble account :3 I'm a YouTuber Age: 12 (ok not yet but almost) Gender: Boy👦 Favorite Movie: Star Wars✨ Favorite Game: Minecraft⛏ Favorite Hobby: Gaming🎮 and guitar 🎸and drawing✏ Favorite Animal: Turtles 🐢 Favorite Vacation: Legoland🎢 Favorite Food: Anything Italian 🍝 I live in: South Carolina🌲 Grade: 6th Grade Sibling: One sister👧(ProMcMiner18) Wish: I was famous🎉 Favorite YouTuber: DanTDM💎 2nd Favorite YouTuber: Jacksepticeye👁 3rd MrCrayfish🦀 Friends: Anyone who follows me Best Friend: GamerFan73 What I do: upload stuff daily Motto: Follow for Follow and if you need a shout out ask me Goal: Become A diamond miner and get 1000 followers!!! Never use the maps that I created for my uploads. Don't mind if you use my textures or mods for your own maps and don't mind if you upload my skins.

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