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-=-_-=- 🌏 English WeLcOmE To My WoRlD! WARNING! YOU CAME TO MY WORLD! YOU ARE MY BETA TESTER ;) πŸ‘€~About me~ πŸ™‹Age: 11 🌏From: Poland πŸ—ΊBorn: 13th July 2005 (23:10) πŸ™‚Real name: Nicolas ~UTK.IO~ BF: SPL1TSO ~Aditional~ Follow me πŸ‘ ↩ , I Follow You! Add me to XBox Live : My GamerTag: KarmicSpoon9999 News from Beta_166: "I go fishing!" I am going to fish at least 10kg carp! 3 Days of fishing, maybe will be blog about adventure and fished fishes :) ~Goals~ Likes 7K βœ” Thanks! 8K❌(~~200 Left) 9K❌ 10K❌ Followers 300βœ” * 400βœ” Thanks! 500❌ * 600❌ And you're welcomed! Test my world in Beta ;)

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