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Hello folks :P 👋🏼☺️ This is my channel account here I will upload all content that you want in Well these are the members: @Kelzad_Oox (Leader) @MadmanCethic (Junior Leader) @Gibb50Jack50 (the one who gives news in my absence) @GabrielBarsch (can speak those who speak ~português~) @Dark--Signal (the younger) @_Man_Ticore_ (Rookie) ➿Faithful followers➿ @saming052 @1ndOrderStormTrooper @I-ll-u-mi-nat-i @UnknownPerson @Aternix @ManuelAntonio If they improve they could be part of my faithful followers 👍🏻😉 –Green Pepper Studios (YT Channel) –Kelzad Oox (YT channel) –MadmanCethic (YT Channel) –Gibb50 (YT Channel) –Dark--Signal (YT Channel) –MAN_Ticore (YT Chanel)

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