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k, if u dont kno, I actually took a long break/quit 2 or 3 months ago.. But I'm back LUL. k check mi sexy uploadss nao ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My 10/10 very accurate description. ok, listen closely. ∆What I do∆ ~Im a skin makr. ~Im a boi, smh.(is there a girl named josh..? dont think so..) ~Im a PvP-er on PC. I dont play mcpe(dont like it, i just like making skins in anroid) ~I roast my haters and 70% of my haters that I roasted actually quit. so back off. ∆About my lyfe.∆(dfq u wanna know dat?) ~Am 14 °•° turning 15 in august 15 ;) ~Im a YouTuber with 70 subs! [link,] pls sub, i need to feed my siblings. (am i funny?) @ayeStrqfes. U'll take an L if you 1v1. If you wanna try msg me and go to minehq( *Edit - PC only, 1.7.x and 1.8.x k bai kids

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