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Good builder and player of CS:GO If you would like to support me with 1$ or more, donate here: https://www.paypal.me/iChristianYTB ============================ Rules: 1. Don't download and upload my stuff without requesting. 2. Subscribe to ZaDaNieL on youtube! A photo with a Za 3. Enjoy my stuff ============================ My goal: -100 Followers -200.000 Diamonds -300$ on my paypal account for a new PC and new performance. ============================-------------Donations-------------------------- ___________0$ --- 300$____________ -Top Donator: - - - Some other stuff. -What do i love? -All my followers! -What is my original Language? -Romanian 😣 -How old am i? -14 😉 Question for everyone: -Why does so many people hate Romanians?

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