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WE HIT 100 FOLLOWERS AND 800 LIKES! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONE!😄😊😋 Hey hey hey! Thanks for checking out my bio! •>----------------------------------------------------------------<• My name is Aethyx and I upload quality maps, mostly medieval or fantasy! I'm always happy to help anyone who has questions about building or anything. If you enjoy my uploads, please make sure to follow me to stay up to date with my latest content! (haha I don't build anything anymore) I would also appreciate it if you drop a like any of my maps you like, as it shows me what you enjoy so I can build more of that! Please give me feedback on my uploads too! I'm always happy to be criticized, but constructive criticism only please. :) I also have a Youtube channel. Im too lazy to add the link, but just search "Aethyx". I'll hopefully start uploading more videos and maps more often. Thanks for reading this, have a great day! :)

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