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============ [Hello -etata (notice how fancy that is? Yeah real fancy) ============ ( . . . ) ============ [I'm a small shit] I'm 15|I'm a tomboy ============ •I'm daisy but you can call me wolfy ============ I like~ basketball skateboarding freestyling pranks memes percussion art anime smelling plastic (can't get enough of dem plastic *sniffs intensely*) Fry: Breh i need them fries Me: *vomits out fries* Me: Here u want some? Fry: Uhh... nu Me: Eh, more for me *eats vomit fries intensely* Fry: Tf? xD Me: *drinks all the bleach in de world* Fry: Tf how am I gunna clean my toilet Me: With your tongue duh Ight bai *jumps off de bed* Me: Yeaaaa boi *lands on a hot cheeto and dies* God: Lol *sips on a glass of bleach with pinky up* -le fries et tacos [6/24/17] • Saturday

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