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Hello ✋ my name is Kelzad00X My real name is ??? Food:Pizza ? obviously :v and hamburgers ? and sushi ? †Religion†:Christian ☀ Series that I like: Madness Combat, Ninjago,Jarry Potter,The lord of the rings,among other..... Games: Madness Project Nexus (1,2) Minecraft :v ,God of war,Stick Man Legacy,Plazma Burst 2,Straw hat ninja samurai (1,2),Epic Battle Fantasy (1,2,3,4) and very soon the 5 My best friend:↪Hank ↩ Follow me and I will follow you and help you ? In order my goal in this game be known at least and have friends if you read all this you're good person :) ?? –Green Pepper Studios it's my team and my channel ➰My Friends➰ @MadmanCethic @Gibb50Jack50 @GabrielBarsch @Dark--Signal –My single channel is Kelzad Oox 〰Faithful followers〰 @saming052 @I-ll-u-mi-nat-i @TheJacKi @UnknownPerson @1ndOrderStormTrooper @Aternix

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