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//mY BiO// Ello! my name is iByTe and welcome to my account! (aNd ima gAmER) Minecraft was the first game i played when i was younger. I only play mincraft Decently now, or rarely i should say. I'm just a normal User that upload Map, skin, blog, and more! You can even see me Draw stuff! I didn't curse Tho. I'm friendly (welp. sometime) I don't really have a goal but i do love To be part of the Community im an Official @TheBlueFlameTeam Member! you also can find me on other Platform too! my Discord tag: iBy1Te#4714 Discord server: https://discord.gg/CbbwyA3 (if ye wanna chat) Twitter: @ZeeZ3y probably not the best bio ever.. Milestones : 100 Follower: 11/08/18

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