Top 10 Command Block Creations

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I was figuring the story for Haunted Hospital 3, Then I saw some cool command block tricks on reddit, I used them and figured out how to improve them and how to use them and this is the final product, I combined my favourite improvements in one map. This map includes 10 really cool command block creations designed specifically for Minecraft: Pocket Edition (v. A great thing is that it features a whole range of different creations such as functional chairs, escalators and launcher pads. The command blocks are located right next to each creation, so they are very easy to replicate in your own world. DECORATION BY TRUTRIZ AND HEMAWOLFEZ CREATED BY M7MOGAMER, PPTHEBEST, HEMAWOLFEZ, TRUTRIZ, PASTETIMEBOY, PIEKABEE THIS MAPS SHOUT OUT GOES TOOOOOOO:- ?TopEyeOfEnder? CONGRATULATIONS....AND CELEBRATIONS

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