Two Truths and a Lie

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Hello everybody! I'm back with another minigame map! It's another great get to know you game! Here's how you play it: CREDITS: IF YOU ARE MAKING A VIDEO, CREDIT EMOLAYA63 FOR MAKING THE MAP. ALSO SAY TO CHECK OUT MY UTK CHANNEL. IF YOU DON'T CREDIT, I WILL BE VERY SAD. JUDT DO IT. Best played with 5 or more players. Because of the lack of redstone in MCPE, you'll have to write everybody's names on a piece of paper, fold it up so you can't see it, and put it in a bowl. This is NOT a turn based game, it is luck of the draw. Then, grab another piece of paper and make a LONG list of truths/fun facts and lies about yourself. Once everybody has made their lists, you can play. Draw two names out of the bowl. The first name you pull out will be the guesser - The one who tries to pick the lie The second person you pull out of the bowl is the liar - They tell two truths and one lie in no particular order from the list that they made. If the guesser depicts the lie, they get a point. If not, the liar gets a point. First one to win three points (or more if you want to) wins! Thank you for all the support, and I will be back, real soon. I won't upload tommorow because I will be busy 😊

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