❅Lucky Block Crystal - Challange ❅

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Lucky Block Crystal - Challange! by MySurvive (0.13x and must used with Lucky Block Crystal Mod and Texture): Followings that you needed for this challange: -Lucky Block Crystal Mod and Texture were needed to play the game. (Note:Try to find in my uploaded mods and textures!) -This is Player vs. Player Mode -You only need one user/admin to perform this challange -You need to read the rules -Don't care those incorrect generated hills, I just make a big mistake! I cannot even remove those.... (> . <) But I wish this could work for your own phone(s)! YOU MUST HAVE THE MOD AND TEXTURE THAT I TOLD TO YOU NEED BLOCK LAUNCHER/MCPE LAUNCHER IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY MAP, PLEASE TELL IT TO ME.

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