Do Not Laugh

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Hello everybody! Today, I'm back with something a little different... my first map! I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you want more minigame maps and things like that down in the comments. CREDITS: IF YOU ARE MAKING A VIDEO, CREDIT EMOLAYA63 FOR MAKING THIS MAP. ALSO SAY TO CHECK OUT MY UTK CHANNEL. IT YOU DON'T CREDIT, I WILL BE VERY SAD. JUST DO IT. Thank you sooo much for 6 followers, 13 likes, and 213 downloads!!! This minigame is best played with five players. The goal is to get the person in the middle laugh by using your choice of props in your hotbar. PLAY IN CREATIVE. I've already re-typed the description like five times, and I just gave up. I can't explain it well at all XD Just go watch people on YouTube play it. It is really a simple game. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for following, liking, and downloading my content! I will be back, real soon. Me and some of my other friends have already used this map, that's why it has a giant nether portal in it XD What is stressed spelled backwards? ?

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