This is the only level (Build 4)

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? A NEWER VERSION IS OUT NOW!! Update notes: *Extended shop *New collectables *New levels *ENCHANTING *Hidden easter egg and much much more! If you like my map, please like and follow so that my uploads get more notoriety, allowing me to know you guys like my content, motivating me to post more uploads like this. Thanks! This is a map i made inspired by the popular computer flash game "This is the only level", which is a game that focuses on the same level format: a lever, and the exit door, with a few changes in getting to the exit upon completing the "level". I will be updating the map constantly, adding more rooms and puzzles so be sure to follow me for map updates. Feel free to drop a comment with your ideas on what to add for puzzles! Hope you guys enjoy this update! :)

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