Extreme Kit PVP Updated( beta Only)

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Extreme Kit PvP is a really cool map which includes four different arenas with custom terrains. There are Eight different kits which you can choose between and each kit has its pros and cons. Gamerule: 10 seconds delay when you just start fighting, max for 20 players, and no hackers. KITS: TANK: Extremely high Defense but Weak Damage.(Def:150%, Atk:4) ARCHER: Long range, infinite arrows, but will easily die when cornered.(Def:60%, Atk:1-10) SAILOR:Infinite Water Breathing, Some sailor is long range and melee(Loyalty), some sailor is short range(in water only) and melee(Riptide).(Def:40%(Loyalty), 60(Riptide), Damage: 9). KNIGHT: A tank and a melee attacker.(Def:75%, Atk:7) LUMBERJACK: Fast and medium tank that attack you using axe.(Def:70%), (Atk:6). SPY: Can fly, can teleport, these kit will blow you to awesomeness,(Def:60%, Atk:6) ASSASSIN: Attacks in a very high damage, but low in defense.(Def:25%, Atk:14). Mage:Shoot Tipped Arrows, Attacks in range and melee.(Def:50%, Atk:1-10(Range), 6(Melee).

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