FnAf 8 scary hose

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hei guys now rilist fnaf8 mcpe map.in fnaf 8 you is a killer and you kill your family your family soul is anggry and can t kill you you need survive from your family is soul you have cctv and you need check your cctv and loke the soul and you don t dead. rulest: 1.lok at cctv (domt forget) 2.dont break block 3.set defentoly to ||-----|-----||-------|| 4.set full suny for help you 5.you have 1 minuts fash by potion 6.lok the crazy people in crazy room bot sorry cctv error in this room. 7.finish build by mosic_BOY017.(Muhammad rizky) clash vllc mtsn angkinah please download the map and leave like commend will you find the resident from crazy room. (will i m have 11 followers a can build fnaf 9) ok guys se you in commend play in survival mode.and some many room in map.

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