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In 1982 Its finaly here! The Faz Horror Fright is finaly over and it has a new attraction about the FAZ-TRONICS (great name huh -ed) In 1923 The Faz-Tronics was sued by the government for murdering 3 workers and was shut down In 2001 It was re-opened but the Boss did'nt know that the makers used the old endoskeletons (ya know the possesed ones -ed) In 2005 (this year was my birth year :D) The Boss hired a nightguard to inspect the new and improved Faz-Tronics after daylight because the Boss seemed suspicous about the Faz-Tronics because the Faz-Tronics stays still and quite when they see more and more children and when a nightguard inspects one of the Faz-Tronics and notices that Faz Chica has a body of a child is inside of the Animatronic Shell and the nightguard was missing for 19 days until the body was found inside Faz Freddy and the goverment once again shut down the company In 2008 The Boss secretly hired another nightguard and put him/her in the Faz-Tronic Nightmare That's you

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