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*FULL SURVIVAL KIT* INCLUDES: 1 advanced house, many deep down caves, many forests, rare biom behind the home, 1 set of diamond tools, 1 set of diamond armour and forest of tamable wolves Thanks for downloading, this is my fist full thought map, and I will NOT be uploading due to my requests, wich are "Build a castle (from XxDanxX)" and last but not least, (and I'll have to watch his videos,) "Build Stampy's (AdrainParra)"! so, as I said, it will take me at least 2 weeks for the castle, and a few months for building Stampy's Lovely World as best I can. Another thing, I don't really have good skills at replicating, but I will try. AdrianParra, is it ok if I did some of Stampy's world? it would take less time.

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