Enirboreh's Revenge - SmashPE. (Herobrine's revenge)

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Inspired by Samueljh1's Rise of Herobrine! This is our first Herobrine map! And we were a bit rusty. But we hope you enjoy fighting Herobrine! AND this map has 80.0 MB and won't upload for some reason. So here is the map link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmacao8bktd6iad/Enirboerh%20Revenge%20By%20SmashPE%20%28Extract%20me%21%29.zip?dl=0 Goodluck! Simple Requirements: 1. Download OUR A'therys Ascended Texture pack!!!!! 2. If you completed the map, Say in the comments: I killed Herobrine! [How many Tries it took you]

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