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*REQUIRES MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION VERSION 0.13.0 AND ABOVE* A small house, with the new Redstone features from the 0.13.0 update! Features: -2 floors! -Second floor is protected by a iron trapdoor! -Complete redstone lamp system for both floors -Totally empty, so it can be customized! -A functional barbecue grill in the balcony! PS: As not all redstone features are included in the 0.13.0 update, only the lamps are available. I'll add more as the game updates. PPS: In case the iron trapdoor gets closed and you get locked in the 1st floor, there is a emergency entrance in the roof of the house, accessible through the back of the house. Remember to rate the map, and give your opinion about it :D 1ST PLACE ON TRENDING MAPS YEAA

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