Follower House!

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This is yet another shout out to all my followers! Thank you! All dogs have a nametag on so make sure to check the name. Items in item frames also have a name so click them to! I'm sorry if you feel like your room is the worst or something like that, for some accounts I couldn't really find out stuff about them for their room.... Followers- *Kilero25 *Hallesutton *A_FOx_G1rl *Jade345665 *Foxisamazing *Asomr_Persor *Ronnametz *Did_You_Say_PineApple *emeraldgirl503 *Diego_fit *MCPEJohn *Shadowfox PINKWAR has followed me but it was after the update skin was uploaded, so sadly PINKWAR does not have a roll. But LINKS AT will be included when I give another Follower shoutout.

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