SG Diggers [minigame]

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SG Diggers is a small but exciting minigame! Fight with your friends in a small arena by digging them into the void. The map is suitable for any amount of players and you can select among three different gamemodes. Each gamemode is a little bit different in that sense that it changes the mechanics of the game. Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website): MCPEtraswen (Owner), FogzGamez (Co-Owner), Luma (Main Builder), jobetyk (Main Builder), McMCPE1234 (Tester), AmazingGamerPH (Renderer), DJTMGaming (Server Manager), InNova (Builder), deadmanplaysMC (Builder), LUCKYBLOCK17o (Builder), FHMiner (Builder) How to play? • Before starting, you can select among three different gamemodes (see below). Press the button in the spawn lobby to start the game. • Speed: Adjust player speedHaste: Instant break blocksDestroy: Keeps you moving and breaks blocks underneath you

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