Battleship(with sails)

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it has village too (ONLY 0.14.0) This is the Blackwood, its a fearless battleship , i have 6 facts about the Blackwood Blackwood facts: 1. only 1 unit 2. most powerful battleship on minecraft P.E 3. it has 44 cannon 4. it can carry up to 12 tons 5. win battles 50 times (no lose even retreat) 6. created by a master builder named NabilDCZ. (its true) RECOMMENDED things you need to do in this fearless bitch: 1. play PvP 2. add a redstone and connect all cannons to one lever/button to shoot at ones 3. make a sign or a your cool logo at the sails (RECOMMENDED : Most front sail or the Biggest sail) 4. have fun daydreaming with the battleship(LOL) 5. RECOMMENDED ammo: TNT's or Arrows Sorry if i didn't fill the dispenser with Arrows nor Tnt's 😳... but you can fill them up by yourself right? 😃 where's the spirit! arghh!!! ⚓ AND one stupid and that is.... if you spawn you will see a white plane in the sky near the battleship (a bit front) dont get mad because that is created by my little cute brother (you can do anything to that plane) there is a village too. it has 7 house , 1 trading post , 1 restaurant and 1 farming.

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