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Original name : §4MessPE §2Multiplayer This world is messy with lag. It includes holes, lag, very stupid islands and much more. I dont know the reason why its laggy. Story of world: Firstly, It was created and play and the difficulty of hard. Its was firstly made on the free, boring and advertised minecraft version called "Craft Exploration Survival PE" in short, EXPLORE. Second, I made a house on survival mode. after that, I borrowed it to my cousin named Jaydel. so she made a house too. but, I cheated and switched on creative mode, Maked Infinite, and build a nether portal and much houses. Thirdly, I am back on survival. I explore the world and its laggy. so its on version Craft Exploration Survival PE 2.0.7 on September 2016. Fourth, I putted a lot of animals, chest, portal block and much more. Fifth, I tried to upgrade it free on aptoide into so it crashed alot and alot. so I upgrade it to MCPE 0.16.0. And i played this world again. Sixth, I saw on youtube "MCPE OUT NOW!" so i installed the app. but Again. i saw MCPE So i upgraded it but music added. and until i get into the MCPE But its glitchy, it messed more the world. Seventh. I saw MCPE But glitches stopped and most of the commands stopped working. Again. I saw MCPE but update is just candy texture. but Finally, i Saw MCPE but it added trading and music removed. it makes my world boring Map life: June 26, 2016 - February 19 2017

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