Never Have I EVER

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Hello everybody! I'm back with another minigame map! CREDITS: IF YOU ARE MAKING A VIDEO, CREDIT EMOLAYA63 FOR MAKING THIS MAP. ALSO SAY TO CHECK OUT EMOLAYA63'S UTK CHANNEL. IF YOU DON'T CREDIT, I WILL BE VERY SAD. JUST DO IT. This map is best played with 4-5 players. It is played backwards, depending on how you look at it. It is a turn based game. The first player to the far left hops onto the next platform of his color, and says "Never have I ever... won Survival Games before." or anything like that. This means that HE HAS done that before. If the other players HAVE done that before, they get to move forward to. If the other players HAVEN'T, they stay in place. This is a great get to know you game! The process continues with the NEXT person to the LEFT, like reading a book if you read from left to right (OR right to left ;-) ). First person to the end of the map wins. Thank you for liking and downloading my content! I will be back, real soon. Happy weekend! ?

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