Kit-PvP [0.14.+] V1.2.0

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V1.0.0 Hi everyone! This is my latest and consuming map. After one month I've finished this map! You can explore kits alone, or play with others. If you play alone it's helpful, to active the "Freestyle-mode", if you did that, go to "Kits" and you find the kit selection. You can also give yourselfes diamonds and coins there. If you want to play with others, deactivate the "freestyle-mode", and the winner of each match (the winner is the last man standing), will find one diamond in the "Bank" in a chest. You can get coins by exchanging diamonds to them. Important! There's no keep-inventory, you have to put all your coins bag in a chest in the Bank, before fighting! You have to reset the map, after that you have to configure the map. How do you do that all, you find on signs in the spawn arena. In the spawn arena is NO PvP! Report bugs, have fun and good luck! V1.2.0 -Many improvements! -Win with Jump n' run coins and diamonds! -Knight-kit now avaible! -Bug fixes!

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