Aether Dimension

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Not my map. Here's the link: And here's the creator: Goreckicraft123 As you can see it is a zip file. Instructions: 1.Extract the two folders and you can see "aether map" folder and "aether texture" folder. 2.After extracting, compress the "aether texture" folder to zip file and move the "aether map" folder to sdcard/games/minecraftWorlds. 3.After compressing, use the UTK.IO's Resource Pack Converter to convert the "aether texture" zip file. After converting, you can play the map with awesome texture. That's it guys hope you follow all the instructions and be amazed of Goreckicraft123's map. Here are some his descriptions: The Aether is a heaven dimension in Minecraft which is a part of the popular The Aether II mod. The general idea is to add an entire new realm to the sky of Minecraft, something similar to the Nether but instead of lava and hellfire it is more like a heaven like experience with fluffy clouds and beautiful views. This majestic temple is the largest structure in the map. It’s probably supposed to be the house of god. inside you will find monster spawners and a throne room. In the following image you will see a room which is a part of one of the dungeons in the map. Here is the throne room which we mentioned earlier. Sit down on the throne and feel the power of god.

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