Murder Mystery 2: The Mine

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Murder Mystery is a really fun minigame if you are at least 4 players. All players will secretly be assigned roles and one of you will be the murderer. The murderer’s role is to try to kill all other players in-game without being seen. The bystanders role is to try to find out who the killer is and kill him. It really creates a tense feeling as you don’t know who is out to get you! How to play? This minigame requires a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10. Before beginning each player must join the map and then one by one enter the Randomizer room to be assigned a role and obtain his gear. Press the button on the dropper to be assigned your role. There are two roles which one can be assigned: Bystanders: their objective is to find out who the killer is and kill himMurderer: murder all players in the map without being detected. If he dies he must tell in chat as then the game is over and you can restart Rules Killed players are not allowed to re-enter until a game is over Don’t break/place blocks No communication in chat is allowed during a game Turn off HUD to make sure you don’t see in chat who is called etc

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