[Updates] Multiplayer Parkour Race [Version 1.7]

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What's New? ———————————— -4 new stages ———————————— Notes: ———————————— If you find a impossible stage, feel free to message me about it. As for many testing, all stages should new possible. A new End theme starts at Stage 51. Vote here if you like it or like the old old one better: http://www.strawpoll.me/12275063 All old versions of this map (Except 7.0) will be removed from Utk.io and saved to a cloud service! I will link the download to them all on my website (Link at bottom of description). If you want to view any of the old versions before they are moved, head to my profile and grab them now! ———————————— Twitter: @Etanarvazac Website: http://etanarvazac.enjin.com/ Email [New]: etanarvazac@outlook.com YouTube: [Coming Soon] Discrod: https://discord.gg/MZPjwqc

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