Parkour Islands v0.1.2

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The Parkour Islands V0.1.2 BETA is here! And it comes with a load of new fixes, tweaks and changes, to improve the players experience! NOTE: This map is not complete, be patient for future updates. Report bugs and give feedback on Twitter: @Examinedcat669 V0.1.2 Changelog: -Added 10% of level 7. (Level 7 will fully come in the 1.3 BETA, this was done so the map could be released sooner but still include a bit of level 7). -Checkpoints have been improved and should work fine now, they also now make a sound to let you know your spawn has been successfully. -The welcome sign is now blue instead of red. (This is for the Parkour Islands text). -Added news. (Here you will be able to stay up to date with me, news will be updated with every update). -Skip tutorial and start playing are now activated with a pressure plate instead of a button. -Tweaks to make the Tutorial better. -The message when you complete a level is now: Great job! You beated level #! Instead of: Congratulations! You beated level #! Great job! This is because congratulations is quite long, so to do it with color it would do this: congr-atulations, and I dont wanna have it like that just so that it can have color, so the message is shorter now. -Lots of other changes, tweaks and additions to improve the map! -Report any bugs to me on Twitter: @Examinedcat669 -Friend me on Xbox Live: Examinedcat669 -Remember to be patient! More updates are coming soon! Stay up to date with me on Twitter: @Examinedcat669 Plans for upcoming updates (These are subject to change): V0.1.3: Full level 7, changes, tweaks and additions. V0.1.4: Level 8, changes, tweaks and additions. V0.1.5: Level 9, changes tweaks and additions. V0.1.6: Level 10, changes tweaks and additions. V0.1.7: Final changes, tweaks and additions to prepare for full release V0.1.8: Final update before full release. (This will only be released if something goes wrong and there needs to be a immediate fix to something). V.1.0: Full release! Thank you for your patience! -Examinedcat669

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