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V1.0 Hey Guys, maybe some of you know that I already build a Bed Wars map -> But it gaves many bugs and one item needs up to a minute after bought it. My new map is faster and have the new feature: Iron. Now it gives Bronze, Iron & Gold! My new map is also for two players. You aren't allowed to break a block except the bed, Smooth Sandstone & Chests! Make sure that both players have slept before beginning. For every spawner is a button. The Gold spawner is in the middle and the Iron & Bronze spawner are on the player's island. Well, find the rest out by yourself! Report bugs, Thank you! V1.1 Changelog: -Bug fixes V2.0 Changelog: -Added Magic Stick -Some other things -Bug fixes V2.1 Changelog: -Fixed the bug, that the time is day by opening the map: Now it's night! V2.2 Changelog: -Bug fixes! V2.3 Changelog: -Fixed Gold-spawner bug in V2.2! V2.4 -29.07.16 Changelog: -Now every spawner (gold/bronze/iron) has a Hopper-clock. That has many advantages! -Some other Bug fixes! Hopefuly this is the last bug-fix-changelog for the major version 2! V2.5 -28.08.16 Changelog: -Improved the Pay-System! V2.6 -10.09.16 Changelog: -With 0.16 Beta came some bugs. I fixed them. -But you can also play in 0.15 ! V2.7 -24.12.16 -Fixed some bugs, from mcpe 1.0!

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