Gigantic Survival Games Map

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Look at this big thing. Biggest beauty I've ever created. IT'S RADIUS (or diameter, I can't remember) IS 400 BLOCKS LONG. IF THAT'S NOT BIG, THEN WHAT IS?😸 It's not even close to being finished, I know. I will update it until it is finished, finish date is unknown. Credits: If you wanna use this map, go ahead. If you are recording a video with this map, I would like some sort of credit and a link to my UTK channel. If you would like to use this for a public server, no permission is needed, but again I would like some credit and a link to my UTK channel. DO NOT REPOST OR CLAIM THIS MAP AS YOUR OWN. DO NOT MODIFY IT IN ANY WAY (i.e. reshaping land, destroying any buildings, moving chests to different places, etc.) HOLY COW. I HAVE MORE THAN 1,600 PEOPLE WAITING FOR ME TO FINISH THIS MAP (⊙д⊙) I WILL. 💜Thank you💜

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