Assassin's War

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Now watch me whip,watch me ...GHAH!Don't scare me like that,um you didn't read any of that did you?gulp...Anyways,welcome to Assassin's new minigame ,2-4 players,well now it's everyone's favorite time...Rule time yahoo,oh come on don't give me that know what you just suck it up...without me,you wouldn't have fun on peaceful unless you want to shake it up,don't go outside of borders...Here's how to play...pick a color and get weapons and last assassin standing...well that's it for now...WAIT...I almost forgot,my first map a DinoGaming Adventure,you guys killed it and gave me a bunch of support,so I wanted to tell you...the prequel to it is in the works,basically it's how I got Douglas the pig,became friends with herobrine,and DinoGaming Village came to be...I'm really excited for this and well I will be working on it,so keep a eye out for that thats done and dusted,see ya bye...were was I,oh yeah,watch me nay n...your still here...yup ok bye.

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