X Factor and BGT (V7.2)

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MAJOR UPDATE: GOT TALENT: AUDITIONS: A complete new redesign with its American flag colours. 2. The Golden Plates has had signs with the order of the pushes as well as who was the act who got it. 3. 4. Seats now reduced due to change of render distance. 5. More refined and update based on America's Got Talent. JUDGE CUTS (AGT) / SEMIS AND FINALS (BGT): 1. Confetti from above is now Yellow Stained Clay not Gold Blocks. X FACTOR: LIVE SHOWS: 1. Stage has been redesigned. Colours of specific category has replaced the black stage. 2. The "Act Tracker" has been moved to the judges desk, not above the coloured X's due to blocking of audience's view. *P.S: CONFETTI MUST HAVE 2 STACKS OF YELLOW STAINED CLAY (AUDITIONS ROUND) OR 1 STACK OF ENCHANTING BOTTLES. V7.2.1: The Voice stage has begun constuction. OFFICIAL AND FINAL RELEASE DELAYED.

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