Solar system 2.0

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New solar system! I have improved the system,there are new features Outer dwart planets (Haumea,makemake,Eris) Outer planets's moons Changes: Size: solar system2.0 solar system Sun : 101×101×101(1030301 blocks) old:50×50×50(125000 blocks) Mercury:2×2×2(8 blocks) old:1×1×1(1 block) Venus :5×5×5(125blocks) old:3×3×3(27blocks) Earth :5×5×5+1button(125.01blocks) old:3×3×3(27blocks) Moon(Luna):2×2×2(8blocks) old:1×1×1(1block) Mars: 3×3×3(27blocks) old:2×2×2(8blocks) Jupiter: 19×19×19(6859blocks) old:11×11×11(1331blocks) Saturn: 17×17×17(4913blocks) old:9-10×9-10×9-10(729-1000blocks) Uranus:11×11×11(1331blocks) old:5×5×5(125blocks) Neptune:10×10×10(1000blocks) old:5×5×5(125blocks) Pluto :1×1×1 (1block) old:1×1×1(1block) Haumea:0.5×1×2 (1block) ----old:(no haumea in map) Makemake:1×1×1 (1block) old ---(no makemake in map) Eris :1×1×1(1block) ---old(no Eris in map) Other changes: Sun is now yellow using stained glass Add typhoons on neptune and Jupiter Better asteroid belt Fixed earth's land to more realistic(add Himalayas! the stone button) Make Gas gaints(Jupiter and Saturn) have core ,not olny surface Make Jupiter have more realistic gas lines Better Saturn's ring(4rings for saturn now!) Removed unknown stuff in outer solar system(u may think they are dwarf planets)

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